Chairman - CEO Salim G. Sfeir
Posted on 02/10/2015

Watch Chairman - CEO Salim G. Sfeir voicing the unremitting success disclosed in the Bank of Beirut financials and ratios, earnings and balance sheet quality, along with the awards granted be it for premium banking, loyalty program and SME cards in the region.

Bank of Beirut success is the mark of its revenue income and geographical diversification strategy.

In addition to our financial responsibilities, building community trust through the responsible and sustainable management of our business is a crucial role of our culture. Bank of Beirut places significant emphasis on ethical and philanthropic responsibilities by engaging into corporate social responsibility. We have consistently worked to integrate corporate responsibility and sustainability through every aspect of our business.

“2014 was a vintage year for the Bank of Beirut Group”

“We have the momentum, we have a differentiated plan, we have the resources, and we have the resolve to drive Bank of Beirut forward in 2015 and in the years to come.” Chairman - CEO Salim G. Sfeir affirmed.

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