One Main Focus: The Lebanese Individual
Posted on 06/03/2014

Delve deep down into his heart, and the only image you will find is that of Lebanon and the Lebanese community. Salim Sfeir, Chairman-CEO of Bank of Beirut Group, has definitely worked hard for his own satisfaction, career and the Bank he has created, but Salim Sfeir has worked much more for the Lebanese individual; his main aim behind all this success story has been and will always be the fellow natives of his own country, Lebanon.

Sfeir's dreams encompass the Lebanese person no matter where he is, be it in Lebanon or abroad. Thus, he searched and chose locations where Bank of Beirut could provide most assistance; having chosen destinations where the density of the Lebanese people is quite high, such as, Cyprus, London, UAE; he also landed in Germany where no Lebanese-owned bank existed. Distance did not make him hesitate... to Australia he went to offer Bank of Beirut's services to the Lebanese emigrants; and in not more than 3 years, Bank of Sydney has reached 16 branches.

Numbers are striking; 35th bank to 5th in not more than 50 years, 5 branches to 90 worldwide. and the expansion will certainly be carried on and on. However, the achievements involving the Lebanese people are impressive, whether young or old, wealthy or less wealthy, student or company owner... Bank of Beirut has been creating products to satisfy all needs and cater to the different segments of the population, from High Net-Worth customers to the limited income earners.

Proud of naming the Bank after the capital city, the heart of Lebanon, Sfeir continues his achievements and expansion in support of one single community, the Lebanese.


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