Building your Future Career Starts Right Here! Join our Boot Camp
Posted on 05/05/2015

Looking for a job but wondering how to rise above all other job applicants and make yourself irresistible to employers? Well, all you have to do is join Tamara, Abbas, Yara, Ali, Saria and 270 other Lebanese university students who have so far benefitted from the tailor-made boot camp workshops offered by Bank of Beirut.

Aiming at equipping university students, fresh graduates and young professionals with the skills they need to competently enter the workforce and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace, Bank of Beirut has certainly reached its objective through these workshops developed in collaboration with AMIDEAST.

“The Boot camp definitely helps you improve yourself to be ready to apply for a job” says Yara El Helou, one of the participants in the 9th edition of Bank of Beirut Boot camp.

Indeed, the training modules are designed to help students improve their interview skills to impress prospective employers. The companies that hire Boot camp graduates will appreciate the strong communication and presentation skills that are developed to help these young people deliver any message clearly and powerfully. Time management, networking, and teamwork skills are also developed as critical competencies valued by employers in all sectors.

“It is such an amazing experience, says enthusiastically Saria Hijazi who participated in one of the boot camps. The material given is essential for anyone who wants to enter job market.”

Workshops are spread over 5 consecutive saturdays during which students interact with dynamic trainers and guest speakers from a diverse range of private, public and civic sector organizations.  By establishing networks with leaders of different companies and organizations, boot camp students increase their opportunities to land interesting internship and job opportunities.

“The boot camp was a huge step forward in my journey, concludes Tamara Chamcham. I have acquired valuable skills that will be very useful for me throughout my career path. This is an experience that really marked me and that made me view things from a very different perspective”

11 boot camps have been organized so far, and more is yet to come. If you are between 18 and 25 and wish to boost your skills and improve your career, like Tamara and Saria, secure your FREE training now with Bank of Beirut by logging on to Hurry up... opportunities are waiting for you.

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