University Students Should Thank Technology
Posted on 23/08/2016
University students, you don’t know how fortunate you are. 
Not too long ago, students used to dread registration day.  On registration day students used to wake up MUCH earlier than usual, get into the most comfy clothes and sneakers in preparation for a very long, tiresome and stressful day.
Students used to get to university real early to get a turn at the advisor’s office, speak to him/her about our courses selection and fill out a form. Once that was done they would head to the registration office with the filled out form of selected courses, wait in line there until they could meet with one of the registrar staff, who would either register them in the courses or tell them that one of the selected courses was full, and if that was the case they had to head back to the advisor’s office. This process meant running from one building to the other across campus and waiting in real long lines until they were able to register all their courses.  A process that would take hours. Oh, and keep in mind they didn’t have smartphones to keep them entertained!
Once done with that process, they then would head to the Business office to wait in line and collect their financial statement that they would then have to take to a bank off-campus and wait in long queues there as well so they could pay their tuition fees.
Today, the majority of university students go through the entire registration process from the comfort of their desks by doing it all online. The entire process students had to endure a few years ago may now be done online. Long gone are the days students ran around campus pleading with professors, advisors and the registrar department. Once students are registered, they basically can go to a Smart ATM that Bank of Beirut has set up at the majority of campuses, and pay their tuition fees at that machine! It’s THAT simple!
It’s really quite amazing to see how technology has been able to transform such a long and strenuous process to such a simple one in such a short time! 
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