Bank of Beirut Supports Beirut Cultural Festivals
Posted on 19/05/2016

Paying tribute to Beirut, the capital that it proudly holds its name, Bank of Beirut supported the first edition of Beirut Cultural Festivals, held for the first time in Lebanon at Beirut’s waterfront area.

More than 1,500 Bank of Beirut privileged guests met on the 3rd night of the festival for a breath-taking show that tells the story of Beirut like it's never been told before.

Gathered within a giant dome especially brought in for the occasion, Bank of Beirut guests were captivated by a one-hour 3D mapping show, telling the “Story of Beirut” through a one of a kind visual and musical production recounting in a distinctive and artistic way the story of the capital. The show also featured an orchestra formed of over 70 musicians performing musical compositions arranged by the extremely talented musician Guy Manoukian.

Commenting on the event, officials from Bank of Beirut said: “we take pride in holding the name of Beirut, and supporting this event is an expression of our love for this city where our journey started from, over half a century ago”.  

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