Commemoration of The Faculty of Business and Commercial Sciences Building (USEK) in Dr. Salim G. Sfeir's name.
Posted on 10/05/2016
One cannot pay tribute to Salim Sfeir without mentioning that he is indeed a man of mark.
This was demonstrated in the commemoration of The Faculty of Business and Commercial  Sciences Building at the University of the Holy Spirit (USEK) in his name during a charming celebration at the USEK, which was followed by dinner.
Addressing the young generation,  he motivated the youth by boosting their self-esteem, emphasizing the importance of self-confidence, optimism and  faith in God. Voicing his boost, “ Remember that determination , courage and initiative are your tools to succeed in life and to the fulfilment of your dreams.”
His relentless fervent struggle  to solidifying and deep-rooting our young generation in their homeland through his persisting efforts to fulfil his ultimate mission to ensuring high academic standards to our youth, is truly significant
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