Interview with Marianne Bou Roufayel, Sapphire Award Winner.
Posted on 31/05/2016

Interview with Marianne Bou Roufayel, Sapphire Award Winner

Editor: Danielle Issa, Beirutista

This year marked the first ceremony of the Sapphire Awards Program (SAP), which, in partnership with the American University of Science and Technology (AUST), rewards employee success across Lebanon. Because individuals should be recognized for their hard work, the Program highlights exceptional professional achievement.

Bank of Beirut’s Marianne Bou Roufayel, currently a project manager in the Finance department, took home the title of Golden Sapphire Award Employee of the Year for the banking and finance industry.

100 companies in 10 different industries sent one representative each to compete in SAP. Bou Roufayel and 99 other contestants participated in a public speaking workshop held by a team of trainers. Afterward, Bou Roufayel gave a speech about Bank of Beirut in front of a panel of judges. The jury then evaluated all presentations and chose one winner per industry.

Bou Roufayel, who has been with Bank of Beirut for eight years, appreciated the opportunity to represent her employer in a professional manner. She urges her peers to consider applying for this honor in the future.

Asked whether she foresees a long career in banking, Bou Roufayel states that she has devoted her entire professional career to the banking industry, and she is proud of where the journey is taking her. For now, she envisions continuing the path and growing more knowledgeable in the field.

The Bank of Beirut community applauds Bou Roufayel on her pursuit of excellence and continues to support all employees in their personal and professional endeavors. In the wise words of Chairman Salim Sfeir, “we have the team, the tools and the creativity to take advantage of new opportunities and to meet new challenges.” So let’s do it!

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