Interview with The Visionary Architect Bernard Khoury
Posted on 11/01/2017

Renowned architect, Bernard Khoury, praised the Lebanese spirit in an interview with BOB at the BDL accelerate 2016 event. One kudo after another, the artist describes the event as impressive while he discussed the challenges one faces when trying to create wonderful initiatives in a difficult environment. Beirut, being a city located at the heart of the world’s conflict zone, the architect was overwhelmed by the Lebanese people’s persistence to climbing the ladder to success and emerge from the repercussions of war to the Technology and Startup international scene. In a statement of praise the artist said and we quote: “To endeavors like that to come to fruition, I think it is very heroic.” He added: “I am voluntarily here, I choose Beirut and my surroundings as my territory. It is a complex one because it is full of challenge but it keeps you awake. It’s a city that consumes you.” 

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