Interview with John Abi Habib to BOB: “ It is time to give back to Lebanon”
Posted on 10/01/2017

Growing up in Lebanon as a young boy, John Abi Habib has maintained his family and cultural values which are deeply embedded in the traditional Lebanese way of living. In an elaborate interview with BOB at the BDL accelerate event 2016, Abi Habib relates his professional journey as he talks about his contributions to the Lebanese community after he has moved to the U.S several years ago to attend Brooklyn College and how he gives back to his country of birth for it to prosper the way it should. Abi-Habib is the founder and president of MSI Net. Inc., a banking services firm, and the founder and president of mCloudServ which provides Cloud Computing, Cloud & Mobile services & solutions to businesses, he is a leading figure in the Maronite Church in Brooklyn and is a business and civic leader in Bay Ridge and is one of the head organizers of the Lebanese Heritage Day which takes place every year in New York to name a few of his accomplishments. During the interview, Abi Habib emphasized on the importance to open up the business opportunities between Lebanon and the Lebanese in the diaspora. 

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