Interview with Personal & Management coach, Christine Francis Asmar
Posted on 10/01/2017

The mind is a lush landscape of potential & possibility when properly cultivated. However, in a fiscal world where technology and business are evolving at a very rapid pace, being an entrepreneur requires a lot of hard work on oneself and motivation to overcome the fear of failure. This is where entrepreneurs resort to advice from business coaches and mentors to help them canalize their moves and get back on track with their goals. 

Personal and Management coach, Christine Francis Asmar, talks about her journey with BOB in an interview during the BDL accelerate 2016 event. The mom of two, revealed how she successfully made a career shift after she had worked for a regional company for over 12 years in the exhibition and event industry as part of the management team. She is a Values Barrett Center CTT certified consultant specialized in culture transformation and values driven organizations. Luscious portions of Christine’s life are spent coaching entrepreneurs how to become self-feeders and how to run their own race. “Entrepreneurship is the key to economic growth and this is where we need to focus,” Francis told BOB. 

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