NDU International Film Festival - "Turning Point" by Gerard Daccache
Posted on 18/11/2016

It was such an exciting experience to attend this year’s edition of the NDU international film festival, sponsored by Bank of Beirut. The festival has been going strong since it was first introduced back in 2006, showcasing some of the finest young filmmakers in the country. I’ve been attending the festival for several years now, but this time was certainly different as I had the chance to interview some of these young talents and discuss their movies. The opening ceremony featured a heart-warming tribute to one of Lebanon’s greatest filmmakers: Nadine Labaki. What followed was a week filled with short movies, both local and international. At the end of each day, the public voted for their favorite Lebanese movie, and the winners (5 in total) all won cash rewards, courtesy of Bank of Beirut. In addition to that, filmmaker Elie Salameh won a trip to Cannes and a trophy for his impressive work in “Fly My Love”.

Suspenseful and thrilling, “Turning Point” by Gerard Daccache is living proof that short movies can be blueprints for future feature films. With the award he received and the exposure he deserves, Daccache may even plan to direct his own thriller in the future. I, for one, cannot wait.


Prepared and conducted by blogger Anis Tabet Author of Let's Talk About Movies


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