Interview with Visual designer at Skype Maido Parv
Posted on 10/01/2017

Maido Parv is a visual designer at Skype who considers himself an “old-school designer,” having released his first website in 1997 when the internet was in its early days. He fell in love with computers and digital drawings and to this day begins any major design project with pen and paper.

Before getting to Skype, however, Mr. Parv served as an art director at Leo Express, a Leo Burnett filial company, where he became passionate about user interfaces and expanded his UI/UX skills in a corporate environment. He spoke to us of his experience as lead designer in Swedbank, one of the largest banks in Northern Europe, where he landed his role by sheer serendipity, solving a brain teaser required in the job application. Today, Mr. Parv loves the atmosphere at Skype, where every day he is exposed to new and unpredictable challenges alongside his creative peers.

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