Interview with Lara Noujeim Director of Publishing for the @gamecooks team
Posted on 06/01/2017

23,250 attendees over 15,000 sqm in 3 days! BDL accelerate this year was different in so many ways from its ancestors. From the participation of Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak & the creator of the iPod & iPad Tony Fadell till the involvement of the best minds in Lebanon!
Startups, Entrepreneurs and achievers were all there with Hope to let their creation be heard, be seen!
Bank of Beirut AKA BoB was there, as always been the case, to hear the dreamers’ call and listen to their needs.
For 3 consecutive days, BoB dedicated its platform to interview & highlight on Startups with live support on its social media channels.  

Lara Noujeim Director of Publishing for the @gamecooks team; a passionate team creating games for mobile & emerging VR gaming platforms to engage an ever-expanding audience.  As many of the BDL accelerate 2016 attendees agreed, the gamecooks took the virtual gaming this year to a whole new level. “Driven by Curiosity, fascinated by VR! Their first VR game HOVR is now available on the Oculus store” announced Ms. Noujeim

In a country where crisis are rising every day, Startups take charge and initiatives to build a better future for them, for us and for Lebanon. We need to play a major role in their future so they can make ours brighter. 

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