Interview with Co-founder at Food Swapp, Noelle Ghanem
Posted on 03/01/2017

Noelle Ghanem is not your typical techie: she’s more interested in humans and science and the social impact of new technologies on the world. A graduate of ALBA (2014) in Lebanon and the University of Leeds (2015) in England, she helped found Food Swapp to connect working professionals over a home-cooked meal.

Here’s the gist: you’re sitting at your desk, moping silently over your Tupperware lunch for one. Why not partner up with a colleague or even stranger in your proximity and share in the social ritual we call eating? Having lunch doesn’t have to be a solitary experience confined to your desk, and Ms. Ghanem wants to turn that behavior on its head. Swap food and swap stories while you engage in fun chitchat or frolic with another human being.

Prepared and conducted by blogger Danielle Issa Author of Beirutista

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