Interview with Founder & CEO at Yalla Pick Up, Elie El Tom
Posted on 04/01/2017

Purchased a big appliance and need to arrange for its delivery? Don’t know who to turn to secure a reliable courier that will execute your request at the desired date and time? What you need is Yalla Pick Up, an enterprise freshly launched in Dubai by Lebanese entrepreneur Elie El Tom.

Mr. El Tom, and NDU graduate, relayed to us his grueling experience in project management and business development and his desire to fill a visible gap in Dubai where he resides. The concept, dubbed the “uber for pick-up trucks” is straightforward, as he explained: Yalla Pick Up offers communities an easy, affordable and convenient way of pinning down the nearest truck and commanding it to pick up and deliver their item without any fuss or frustration. Mr. El Tom assures us Yalla Pick Up will soon be arriving to Lebanon.

Prepared and conducted by blogger Danielle Issa Author of Beirutista

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