Interview with Jernej Adamiç co-founder and CEO of Zenodys
Posted on 02/01/2017

As individuals who have been involved in the business and technology worlds, Mr. Adamiç and his partners had a vision to simplify how industries connect to the rest of the world, through their specific platform. Although having busy lives, all the associates still find time to either communicate via Skype or meet in local restaurants, in order to discuss company strategies, along with any new ideas and potential new markets.

When asked about finances and company values, Jernej conveyed to be on an everlasting search for funding, as well as dedicated, motivated employees, as he believes this combination will help them further venture in new markets.

Last but not least, despite being in a risky and fluctuating market, Zenodys remains enthusiastic about their startup’s chances of success, and will definitely put up a fight to defend their company’s identity and reach new heights.

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