Interview with Niall Dennehy representing AidTech
Posted on 05/01/2017

With the ongoing refugee crisis and endless humanitarian campaigns across the world, deeper involvement from foundations, governments and NGOs is being conducted. But how do such entities keep track of their disbursed resources?

As we have come to know during BDL Accelerate 2016, AidTech seems to offer a transparent and real time solution, by issuing cash cards, which can only be used at selected shops. This method will help the concerned entities to efficiently and instantly track how their donated funds are being managed and used.

Mr. Dennehy, COO of AidTech, hopes that the startup keeps innovating and moving forward, hence reaching exceptional lengths, whereby it will cover widespread campaigns across the globe.

The company currently has two Headquarters in London and Dublin, and is optimistic of having a third one established in Lebanon, covering the Gulf and Mediterranean regions, after having raised funds and support through the BDL Accelerate conference.

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