Interview with Yusra Sabra co-founder of Wakilni
Posted on 02/01/2017

With the main purpose of providing a better customer support service within Lebanon, Wakilni, a startup established in 2015 by a group of professionals with extensive experience in the corporate world, wants to also create job opportunities for the Lebanese youth.

Yousra Sabra, one of the company founders, was excited by the promising outcome of attending the BDL Accelerate exhibition, as she considers it extremely interesting to Wakilni’s goals and objectives in terms of local and international exposure, as well as networking purposes, which will increase the opportunities that come along with funding.

Moreover, Wakilni had a strong and successful presence in this conference, as they were part of the startup competition. The company was best represented through its group of dedicated, hardworking and teamwork oriented employees, whom believe they are key to Wakilni’s survival in a highly competitive market.

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