Interview with Grzegorz “Greg” Warzecha CEO and founder of UserEngage
Posted on 03/01/2017

As its name points out, UserEngage is a marketing automation platform that collects client data, which allows subscribers from anywhere in the world to engage with, and get to know, their targeted clientele’s needs and tendencies.

Greg, CEO and founder, believes that there are constant threats in his line of business, as engagement methods require hectic and continuous improvement, while recruitment can be a tough task, seeing as the startup has to compete with huge companies like Google and IBM. To that end, the startup is on the look for funding, in order to further invest in the development of a better and more comprehensive platform.

Getting to know Mr. Warzecha, we can safely say that he is a fearless man, who has acquired valuable wisdom from his previously failed endeavors, explained by his decision to attend BDL Accelerate, which has left Greg dumbfounded by its scope and level of professionalism.

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