BoB got talent 2016
Posted on 19/12/2016
Each and every one of us has a hidden talent, which can be represented in many, many forms. Who amongst us hasn’t sung under the shower, or danced when nobody was watching? But while some may shy away, others take pride in it and want to show it to the world. The latter was the exact case of all those who submitted their videos to BoB Got Talent, as they unleashed their inner artists.
Over the years, we have become accustomed with Bank of Beirut’s involvement in the community. As a result, and to no surprise, the bank has come to believe in the talents of its employees, whereas the participants were asked to freely express themselves through their talents, in the best form they can produce.
Consequently, a talent show was put together, in its first ever version, and communicated internally to all the bank staff. In short, the participation level was nothing short of amazing as submissions kept gradually increasing, exceeding all expectations, with a total of 50 Contestants.
Following thorough voting sessions, the ultimate 5 winning finalists were chosen, then requested to create one final project, in their own way and within their chosen talent category, that is related to Bank of Beirut. Participants did not disappoint as they put in tremendous effort and presented the jury with their best works, leading the latter to taking their final stance and decision.
On the 14th of December, Chairman Dr. Salim Sfeir and Head of HR Mr. Rabih Yaghi, handed the prizes to each of Carla Mattar, Serge Andezian, Georges Merhy, Jessica Nehme, and Marwan Habshi respectively, with the rewards consisting of Trophies and valuable Prizes. The victors were clearly overjoyed with what they got, as they felt that their talents were appreciated by the members of their community.
Prizes were distributed to their respective winners as per the following scheme:
1st Place: Trip for 2 to Paris with accommodation
2nd Place: Trip for 2 to Rome with accommodation
3rd Place: Trip for 2 to Istanbul with accommodation
4th & 5th Places: Weekend for 2 in Mzaar Intercontinental Hotel
Here are some of the photos taken during the event, highlighting the spirit in which Bank of Beirut thrives:
Banking Beyond Borders indeed …
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