Bank of Beirut Empowers Young Engineers at AUB EDC
Posted on 15/02/2017

Imagine ordering a pizza and seeing a robot at your doorstep 20 minutes later. What sounds like a sci-fi movie scene today might soon become a reality. University students are already building self-driving cars, intended for fast and simplified delivery processes.

Committed to accompanying students on each of their innovative steps, as it always does in its #BoBEmpowersYouth initiatives, Bank of Beirut was present at the Engineering Design Challenge (EDC), organized by the Robotics Club at AUB. Students from different universities competed to build the most efficient self-driving car.

Two particular teams caught our attention. The first is made of three Lebanese University engineering students, who won the first prize award. “We built our robot with lego pieces, because of their availability and practicality,” they explained to Bank of Beirut.

They also noted the importance of robotics, as “everything is nowadays automatized” and expressed their pride to have participated in such a competition.

We also had the chance to converse with the winners of the Innovation Award by Bank of Beirut. Two AUB students built a fully 3D printed, plastic robot, which “can function on any road, in any city,” as they described it. Keen on getting the utmost results, they even developed their own color sensor.

They considered that “Bank of Beirut did not only offer us an award, but was rather always present, checking on all teams’ progress. We felt that Bank of Beirut was involved, and really wanted us to achieve great results.”

Bank of Beirut hopes that similar competitions will be further organized, as they help students pursue their passion, develop their knowledge and thus, improve our society.


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