Medical Data Might Soon Get a “Digital Makeover”
Posted on 23/12/2016

If you have ever been admitted to the emergency room, you must know how annoying it is to instantly gather your medical data and present it to the doctor in charge. When it is desperately and urgently needed, medical data might not be accessible. Hence, the role of Cloud Beat, the all new website and application developed by the winning team at AUST’s startups competition, The Oracles.

Cloud Beat facilitates the communication between doctors and patients, as it assembles dispersed medical information in one virtual folder. Provided with the patient’s approval, any doctor can then easily access it. 

“Physicians don’t have the time to ask you all the necessary questions,” The Oracles explained to Bank of Beirut. “As we are moving towards personalized medicine, medical histories have become a must.”

They consider their project to be a community service, rather than just an innovative idea. “We hope that Cloud Beat will be soon launched in the Lebanese market so that everyone can benefit from it.”

They also aim to raise awareness through Cloud Beat. “Even though most Lebanese citizens don’t know it, Lebanese laws grant them the legal right to collect their medical records from hospitals.”

Bank of Beirut has empowered this team, as part of its #BoBEmpowersYouth program, designated to support promising students and thus build together a better future. 

Bank of Beirut and The Oracles team both hope that similar competitions, empowering new startups and young entrepreneurs, will be further held in the future.

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