Six Reasons to Download the New iMobile App
Posted on 10/05/2017
The latest must-have application is neither Instagram, nor snapchat… but rather, Bank of Beirut iMobile! If you are already using the older version of iMobile, you will be delighted to upgrade it and enhance your digital experience. If you are still opting for the traditional branches’ visits, this is the perfect time to change your habits and perform your banking operations anytime anywhere! We hereby present to you the six main features of the new iMobile:
1) Automatic Enrollment:
Let’s start with accessing the app! Whereas you previously had to visit a branch to open an online account, that procedure is now a click away! Using this feature you can subscribe to the app and instantly access it, simply by providing either your customer id or your card number.  
2) New Design:
Once you log in, you will be absolutely tempted to explore and discover its features! The new format is elegant and refreshing to say the least. With its carefully designed sections and soothing colors, you can easily use any available service and get necessary help once required. 
3) Cashback:
You are now given the ability to check your accumulated loyalty points via your mobile phone.
4) Wire Transfers:
With our innovative mobile app, you can transfer money not only from one BOB account to another but also from your BOB account to any national or international third party.
5) InstaCash Transfers:
Have you ever forgotten your wallet at home and urgently needed some cash money?! Just transfer the amount you need to the nearest ATM, through iMobile! In fact, you can now transfer money to anyone – even if they are not BOB customers! – Via the iMobile app to any BOB ATM or BOBFINANCE (western union) point of sales.
6) Mobile Topup:
You can now recharge any international phone line (even if the phone holder is abroad) using iMobile.
In addition to all of the above, we guarantee the secrecy and confidentiality of all the operations performed through iMobile. Also, it is user friendly and easy to access that you will gladly transfer all your money operations to its virtual world. Icing on the cake, it is completely free!  
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