Bank of Beirut Hands on Banking Course, Your Gateway to the Banking Sector
Posted on 09/06/2017

Empowering youth is a major concern to Bank of Beirut since “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest,” as Benjamin Franklin once declared. Amongst our numerous projects, we were happy to meet promising university students during our latest Hands on Banking course.

Senior Business students had the opportunity to explore deeper into applied retail banking and to discover more about various topics, from product development and cards to loans and financial markets.

Bank of Beirut Department Heads shared their expertise with young students in a serious, yet friendly, classroom atmosphere. In order to complement theoretical information with practical insights, participants had the possibility to shadow a branch staff for one day by visiting one of our B smart branches, guided by one of our CSOs. By the end of the course, students’ acquired knowledge was assessed through an online test and participants were later presented with Certificates of Completion.

Our Hands on Banking course is not just an example of our youth empowering initiatives; it is also an invaluable opportunity for us to meet ambitious future bankers and to offer the most competent ones the prospect to joining our Bank of Beirut family.

Finally, we believe that it is worthy to assist students in writing the first chapter of their future success story and to urge other institutions to join us in this noble mission through enriching  the youth’s book with positive encouraging experiences. 

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