Competition Guidlines
Posted on 01/03/2017

Competition Guidelines


I. Description

“BOB Daddy Cool” is a competition organized by Bank of Beirut, as father’s day is approaching. We want to celebrate this special day in our own way and spread happiness among our community!
We think that such an occasion is a great opportunity to connect with our audience. Therefore, we are planning on running a digital media contest, in which our followers and internal community can participate and win great prizes, as they are invited to share pictures and/or videos about their father-child moments.
We encourage you to send us any material you find either funny, sweet or anywhere in between. And don’t forget to be as creative as you can!

II. Prizes

The winners will be chosen based on two criteria: the number of likes on their photo / video (49% of the decision) and the Bank Jury’s vote (51% of the decision).
  • 1st Prize: One couple will be awarded a travel experience to Marmaris, all expenses paid.
  • 2nd Prize : USD 500
  • 3rd & 4th Prizes: Each Winner will get 2 Tickets to the Summer Festival of their choice, between:
o Zade
o Beirut Cultural Festival
o Assi Hellani
o Bonny Tyler
o Carole Samaha

III. Rules & Regulations

1. The competition is open to EVERYONE wishing to participate.
2. You can send your videos or photos via:
  • Messaging our official Facebook Page.
  • Posting it to your profile, publically, mentioning the hashtag #BoBDaddyCool
3. The competition allows you to upload your video or photo, write a description of the photo if you want, and then submit it within the specified time limits.
4. The photo / video should be your original work. You must be the sole author and owner of the copyright of the media.
5. Once submitted, your media will be reviewed by the Jury for approval.
6. If your video or photo is approved, it will be posted on Bank of Beirut’s Facebook Page by June 16th 2017.
7. Anyone is allowed to vote on the photos.
8. Multiple likes per user can be done on several photos.
9. Chances to reach the semi-finals depend on the Jury’s votes, based on how well the photo suits the competition criteria.
10. 17 nominees will be selected for the semi-finals. Top 4 posts with highest photo/video likes will be the winners.
11. If your post has been selected among the finalists, you will be asked to clearly identify your contact details (i.e.: name, phone number and email address) by private message to Bank of Beirut’s Facebook page, as they are required for us to be able to contact you.
12. Failure to provide Bank of Beirut with your details will automatically give us the right to select another winner.
13. Bank of Beirut reserves the right to decide the identity of this competition’s winners while ensuring complete transparency.

IV. Terms & Conditions

1. Bank of Beirut reserves the right to disqualify any users who infringe any of the Rules & Regulations stated above.
2. Bank of Beirut reserves the right to stop or put on hold the competition at any given time and without prior notice.  
3. By entering your photo / video, you grant Bank of Beirut the non-exclusive right to reproduce it for any purpose at any time in any media with attribution.
4. Bank of Beirut will not allow or tolerate any content uploaded that:
  • Is abusive, derogatory or defamatory, offensive, hateful in language, indecent, pornographic, obscene or discriminatory.
  • Constitutes cyber-bullying or threatens, stalks or harasses any person.
  • Is unlawful or illegal or breaches any industry codes of practice or guidelines.
  • Is believed to breach any privacy laws or discloses the personal information of any person or may be considered a security risk.
  • May (or may reasonably be expected to) infringe or violate the intellectual property rights of any person or entity.
  • Constitutes spam or is used to promote, sell, distribute or advertise any products or services.
  • Solicits or incites unlawful behavior or offensive or inappropriate conduct.
  • Contains legal, financial or other professional advice.
  • Fake likes, comments or shares.
By participating in this game, participants acknowledge that they have read the Terms & Conditions and agree to be bound by them.
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