Bank of Beirut visits Lebanese universities
Posted on 23/06/2017
Final exams and graduation ceremonies are not a senior student’s only interests; a soon-to-be graduate is also concerned in getting the right job opportunity! As part of our #BoBEmpowersYouth program, we were present at different Job Fairs, the closest we could be to a student.
In the past few months, we visited several universities and empowered students, through giving them the chance to take the first step into a bright career path and apply to become part of Bank of Beirut’s family.
We were glad to meet distinguished youth at the Lebanese University, LAU, NDU, USJ, USEK, AUB, Sagesse, AUST and ESA, where interested students provided us with their educational background and contact details. Opportunity might be around the corner… at one Bank of Beirut offices or branches!
We wish our promising applicants the best of luck and hope to see them soon as members of our family. 
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