Bank of Beirut… on fire!
Posted on 29/09/2017
When it comes to innovations, we are on fire… when it comes to real fires, we are more than ready!
In line with Bank of Beirut’s endeavors to enhance its employees’ welfare, and within the Bank’s efforts to provide the best security preventive measures within its premises, several fire drills were held at the Bank’s head offices. The 30-minute training gave employees insights into how to use fire extinguishers, emergency exits, first aid procedures, etc.
The 30-minute training included an awareness session, conducted by seasoned logistics, operations and security professionals in the field. The life-saving recommendations were followed by a practical session in order to compliment employees’ knowledge with some hands-on tips. Staff were trained to evacuate the buildings in a calm and orderly manner and to assemble in designated assembly areas, under the guidance of assigned employees. 
The fire drills were conducted in collaboration with the Lebanese Civil Defense and the Internal Security Forces with the aim to adequately evacuate premises in order to successfully overcome any fire emergency.
Further periodically scheduled drills will follow in order to provide the Bank’s community with the highest safety standards and comply with security recommendations.
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