Dr. Sfeir presents Lebanese President with Bronze Medal
Posted on 01/09/2018
President Aoun while receiving the Bronze Medal of the Asian Futsal Championship from the Bank of Beirut Futsal team: 
“Sports is a way of life and keeps you away of the social downfalls such as drugs”
Dr. Sfeir: “Our success is a testimony that the Lebanese people are great”.

The Lebanese president General Michel Aoun called on the youth to adopt sports as a way of life: “not only for the success and accomplishments that can occur at championships and spread worldwide, but also to stay away from social dangers such as drugs”. “Sports gives them immunity and the ability to challenge”, he added.

The above took place during Bank of Beirut’s Chairman and CEO Dr. Salim Sfeir and Bank of Beirut Futsal team’s visit to the Presidential Palace to offer President Aoun the Bronze medal they have won at the Asia Futsal Club Championship in Indonesia.
“It is an honor to be here and we are honored to offer you the Bronze medal, the great achievement that our team achieved at the Asia Futsal Club Championship in Indonesia, which is a first in the Lebanese history of futball”, Dr. Sfeir said.
“Our Lebanese Futsal champions, were able to achieve this victory thanks to the efforts of their team players, the determination of the coaches and the good management of the directors.” He assured.

“Not to mention that this great success happened against countries that are by far bigger than Lebanon and this is an even bigger proof that the Lebanese people are great”, Dr. Sfeir added.

The Lebanese President congratulated Bank of Beirut team for their achievement, admiring the dedication Dr. Sfeir and Bank of Beirut are giving to support sports and humanitarian organizations such as the Lebanese Red Cross and Universities: “I congratulate the team for their success and wish them more wins to come”, he said.

“This year was a good one for Lebanese sports teams and I hope that Lebanon will reach higher in the future”, he added.

The President congratulated then each member of Bank of Beirut Futsal team who offered him the team’s T-shirt bearing the number 1.
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