Dr. Sfeir from Melbourne: Let’s support our youth here and in our motherland
Posted on 22/10/2018
At the 7th Annual dinner of the Lebanese – Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Melbourne, Australia, Bank of Beirut Chairman and CEO Dr.Salim Sfeir assured that  “We all do recognize our obligation to the next generation, as global citizens, their legacy is the future, not the past” .

“For them to excel, we can help with mentoring, capital and connections” said the Chairman

Dr.Sfeir explained that “to earn engagement with future generations we need four things:  Deep Commitment, active Communication, generous Collaboration and change”.

“Let’s support our youth here and in our motherland, we can inspire the next generation and the dreams they will have. Together we can conquer inertia ... because we deserve better than the status quo! Together let us create a better, connectivity” said Sfeir.
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