Seize opportunities and realize your dreams and intentions
Posted on 18/07/2013
Beirut – July 18, 2013 - Wise intentions are “desire in action” and have to be converted into “wisdom in action”, Bank of Beirut Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Salim G. Sfeir counseled the 2013 Master of Science in Finance Program at the George Washington University (GWU), in Washington DC. Mr. Sfeir was invited to this special occasion as main speaker during a commencement ceremony honoring graduates and their families.
The festive occasion was attended by H.E. Antoine Chedid, the Ambassador of the Republic of Lebanon to the United States, the former U.S. Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates and Syria, H.E. Theodore Kattouf, high ranking officials of the International Monetary Fund and the United Nations as well as prominent members of the Lebanese community in the United States and the GWU graduates and their parents.
As an introduction, GWU Professor of Finance George Jabbour, the program director for the university’s MS Finance Program, informed the participants of Mr. Sfeir’s passion for education and his involvement in reputable academic institutions beyond his role as Bank of Beirut Chairman & CEO.
Paying tribute to the GWU institution and the legacy of the U.S. first President, Mr. Sfeir shared with the distinguished audience how President Washington fulfilled his intentions – to do for the best and to act with propriety – by his actions. This requires that one masters the “difficult task” of first knowing oneself, Mr. Sfeir said.
Pointing out elements of interconnectedness between the Lebanese capital Beirut and Washington D.C., Mr. Sfeir told the GWU graduates how his life journey to success as an individual and with Bank of Beirut as an institution of tremendous growth was guided by the principle of dealing with short-term dangers within the context of a global vision and by acting on one’s intentions.In reflecting on a fateful step of committing his entire resources to the vision of building Bank of Beirut in 1994, he confidently encouraged the GWU graduates “To find and follow your passion”, stating, “I still bounce into my office with the same fervent enthusiasm I had on Day One. I still dream, I still plan and evaluate each step”
Mr. Sfeir advised the graduates to gather their every ounce of energy to acquire the components of leadership through contextual understanding and by gathering practical knowledge, but also alerted them to always weigh the prospects of success against those of failure – thus allowing them to respond energetically when opportunity knocks, “To seize it and realize your dreams and intentions.”
Following his speech, Mr. Sfeir was presented by Professor Jabbour with a certificate of appreciation and a crystal miniature replica of the Washington Monument as a token of appreciation. The event was concluded with a delightful dinner.
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