Stay Safe Online
Posted on 08/09/2014

The majority of our daily activities and experiences are taking place online due to the increasingly connected world we live in. Staying safe online is essential whether you bank online, check the news on your phone each morning, log in to Facebook, shop online.

We’ve compiled our top tips to help you stay safe online:

1. Protect your computer so you can stay safe and have the best online experience.
Install an internet security package so that you can protect yourself from viruses and make sure you update it regularly. Make sure that you keep your operating system up to date as well.

2. Think about the information you’re sharing.
Social networking sites are a great way to stay in touch with people, but it’s important to make sure your profile pages are only accessible to people you trust. Check your privacy setting on these pages and never share sensitive personal information and be cautious before accepting connection requests make sure that you review the requester profile carefully.

3. Beware of cyber fraud
Cyber fraud is when one utilizes the internet to steal money from people by deceiving them and this can happen in a number of ways.  These are a few of the popular methods used in our region:

  • Credit Card Fraud: Fraudster uses your credit card details and uses it on the internet
  • Parcel Courier Email Scheme: Fraudster sends you an email that contains courier details and request money in return for delivery
  • Phishing/Identity theft: Fraudster steals your username and password and uses them to make or request account transfers using your details or online accounts.
  • Inheritance Fraud: Fraudster sends you an email stating they are a lawyer handling an inheritance case or a relative of someone rich and famous who has died, requesting money or that they need your help in moving some money. 

4. Report suspicious activity.
By staying alert and reporting suspicious activity you can help yourself and others have positive experiences online.  Be aware of hoaxes– we don’t send emails requesting you to confirm update or disclose your confidential banking information. If you suspect any of your accounts have been accessed online by someone other than yourself, please notify us immediately by calling Contact Center: on 1262 from Lebanon; or 00961 5 955262 from abroad.

Enjoy browsing securely!

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