The Medal of the National Order of the Cedar Award
Posted on 20/06/2014
His many years of toil are now bearing fruit, a man of mark, with a razor-sharp mind who relentlessly struggles with fervent enthusiasm to achieve excellence in all he does.
Yes, Salim Sfeir, ambitious and saturated  with vision and inspiration has vowed years and years ago to become an integral part of the lives of his fellow-Lebanese. 
A more than well-deserved honor granted to Sfeir for his devotion to the banking sector and his passion to humanity at large. His deep rooted unconditional love for his country precipitated his return to Beirut immediately following the civil war in order to fulfill his vision.
Having for decades endeavored to solidify and deep-root our young generation in their homeland, through assisting our youth in both the business and public sectors, he persistently strived to fulfill this dream.
In recognition of his achievements, the Medal of the National Order of the Cedar, the second highest national award, was conferred to Salim Sfeir, Chairman-CEO of The Bank of Beirut Group, by the President of the Republic of Lebanon, Mr. Michel Sleiman.
A prestigious award granted for his accomplishments in the promotion and education of the Lebanese youth and the remarkable achievements realized by the Bank of Beirut Group.
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