Patriarch El Rai Lights the Christmas Tree in Bkerké
Posted on 16/12/2013
The sun had barely set when Patriarch El Rai, together with Mr. Salim Sfeir, Chairman of Bank of Beirut, and Patriarch Sfeir, went down the stairs of Bkerké, stood in front of the crèche and prayed for the needy, the sick, the injured and the sad.
Upon the carols of Ms. Guitta Harb, Bank of Beirut family headed towards the giant Christmas tree with his Holiness Patriarch El Rai, Patriarch Sfeir and Mr. Sfeir. The minute the tree was lit, fireworks sparkled in the night sky.
His Holiness thanked Bank of Beirut and Mr. Sfeir for the Christmas tree and asked the people suffering not to be afraid, for God stands by them. As for Mr. Sfeir, he reiterated his belief in Lebanon and the right of the people to live in peace and dignity.
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