Walking for Pleasure
Posted on 16/03/2015

We, at Bank of Beirut, believe our team members should get physical & mental relaxation; a great emphasis is on hiking being a walking activity through the countryside for sports and pleasure.

In today’s fast paced world, we are continually on the go; this lifestyle is not sustainable on the long run since our mind and body need proper attention, by failing to do so we might find ourselves deteriorating in all aspects.

Our first Hiking trip of the year was on Sunday March 15 2015 where colleagues with friends and family members of all ages have gathered to hike at “Hosn Aar & Habeel villages” Jbeil Caza; a 10.5 km walk in the midst of nature loudly announcing the arrival of Spring with its beautiful fresh green grass, daisies, wild flowers, oak, olive and pine trees, the beautiful sceneries of the surrounding mountains and valleys, the running water spring were simply quite amazing.

Leaving nothing but footsteps, taking nothing but photos, killing nothing but time and keeping nothing but memories, bonding, sharing giggles and laughter and doing some serious workout as well away from everyday life stress, the experience was incredible;

The overall combination was quite relaxing and beneficial both mentally and physically; Hiking with “Bank of Beirut Hiking Club” is definitely a positive experience a “Must do” for all those who haven’t tried it yet.

Sophie Haddad - Engineering Department

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