A Big “Family Gathering”
Posted on 30/08/2015

A Big “Family Gathering”

Bank of Beirut corporate day is a big family gathering to which our staff look forward every year; Everyone put aside their formal attire and just come wearing a smile, relaxed and longing to chill out and mingle with colleagues and senior management in a cordial and casual fun atmosphere, no hierarchy, no suits, no boundaries. 

Last year’s gathering took place at “Massaya Fakra”, BOB family members had the opportunity to roam around in the winery and the surrounding outdoor area near the pond enjoying refreshing drinks and nibbling from the delicious food stations; fun games, entertainment, loud music, limbo dance and “Dabke” circles had everyone participating without exception.

After all, family is like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one; every crisis faced together, every victory shared makes the bonds of the family circle stronger. 


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