Bank of Beirut Crowned Champion of the Lebanese Futsal League
Posted on 30/01/2015
January 27th 2015, wasn’t an ordinary date for Bank of Beirut Sporting club, which marked the 2nd Title Victory for the Blue team in 2 years. The victory came after a thrilling Final Series against Al Mayadeen Club which ended in the favor of the champs 3-2. 
The long season began by winning the Supercup back in July 2014 after beating the Army team and a 1st time participation at the Asian Championship held in China. And since then the team never looked back, winning 19 games and tying 1 against Al Mayadine & ending the regular season in 1st Position giving the club the Home Court advantage in all the following play-off games. 

The regular season marked also leading all the teams in Goals scored however divided over all the players which proved the collective display trained by the Serbian coach Dejan Djedovic who missed all the season, due to Federation penalty.
In the quarterfinals, the team faced Al Qalamoun Club (ranked 8th in the regular season), and easily swept the series 2-0 (10-0 & 7-1) and qualified to the Semi-Final to face the strong team from the North: Tripoly.
The Semifinals game 1 witnessed a strong competition from the guests, taking the lead early in the game. However the champs came back quickly and took the game to their part scoring 4 goals and ending the game in their favor 4-1 to take the lead 1-0.
The Semifinals game 2, Bank Of Beirut Sporting club players collectively and successfully dominated their hosts 14-3 to reach the final without any deafeat conceded in the League. The goals were scored by Mohammad Iskandarani (2 goals), Alee Sisi, Vladan Vesic (5 goals), Moustafa Serhan (3 goals), Yasser Salman (2 goals) and Hassan Hammoud, leading the team to their second Finals in years & facing Al Mayadine Club in what was expected to be an exciting Final.
Game 1 of the Finals saw Bank of Beirut leading the series after defeating Al Mayadeen 4-1. Moustafa Serhan scored the opening goal, Alee Sisi was there to score the 2nd and Vesic scored the last 2 goals of the game.

The Final Series wasn’t that easy for the champs marking the 1st defeat in the season  after the 2nd Game 7-4 prior to Extra time, and the 2nd defeat through penalty shots 5-4, putting the club in a late position 1-2 in favor of Al Mayadine, who needed 1 more game to clinch the title.
But with the coach Dejan Djedovic coming back on the bench after the suspension period was over, everything turned around in favor of the champs, winning the 4th game at Al Mayadine ground 4-2 and tying the series 2-2 to implement a fifth and Final game in Emile Lahoud Stadium for the title. 

In game 5, and in front of a sold out stadium, and in one of the greatest futsal finals ever in Lebanon, Bank of Beirut sporting club were able to defend their crown and remain Lebanese futsal champions, after defeating Al Mayadine 3-2 in the final series by ending the game 5-3 in their favor & were able to take advantage of Mayadeen’s defensive liabilities to kill the game. The first half of the game ended 3-1; but in the 2nd half Al Mayadeen, led by their Colombian star Angellot was able to get back to the game, but conceded a goal in the final second while trying to get the equalizer with a power player.

Congratulations to Bank of Beirut Sporting club players, coaching staff and management, proving that this team is and will be a dominant force in the Lebanese and Asian Futsal competitions.
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