15 Dec 2018

This Christmas time… Be good & do good!

Before all plans for budgeting for Christmas goes loose and down the drain, what can you do not to expand your debt list?!
We will give you sure and steady pointers on how to go through the last day of the month with money in your pocket.

• Stick to a Christmas Gift Budget
First determine a budget. How much do you want to pay for all the gifts for Christmas.
After you’ve established how much spending money you’ll have for holiday spending, you need to divvy it up into categories of holiday spending.
After doing so, you have to determine how much money you want to pay per gift, maybe some more and some less as per the budget and stick to it. More often than not, when you derail from the plan this is how your finances become short and the stress start to rise.

• Plan Your Christmas Gift List in Advance
List the names, separate the adults from the youngster, know what are the gifts, ask or check for the prices this is how you will know if this is the way to go or your list needs to be amended.
Not to forget to Buy One or Two Extra Christmas Gifts for whatever reason a sudden addition lands on your list

• Give a Christmas Gift to Someone in Need
During this joyous and festive season, the joy of giving grows stronger in you. You feel that you want to draw a smile in every kids’ face or old men and women. You want to lend a hand to the less fortunate to feel that every person in this world is really celebrating or be part of the holidays even if it’s for a moment, a day, or a few hours.
So give a Christmas gift to someone in need, brighten the light in their eyes and make them smile.

• Buy gifts from small businesses
What’s the difference really if you buy your gifts from a mall or from small businesses?
Most of us go to the mall, thinking that we won’t find all the toys on the list. Small businesses make it a point to have the latest toys especially during this time of year.
Besides, small businesses don’t add any charges on the toys.


In happy times, in Merry times or in other times, we always have to straight our finances right.
You still have time!
We wish happy shopping and a blessed month!