No Excuses for not saving

04 Sep 2019
Whether you are saving up for something special like a new car or a house, or whether you are putting money aside for emergencies, implement some useful tips to speed up the process. Read more

Can you imagine getting advice by a millionaire?

22 Aug 2019
How do you think millionaires live their life? Believe it or not, we will reveal to you their secret budgeting habits.

Freelancers! Here’s how you can save up

20 Aug 2019
When you’re not getting an income on a monthly basis, what could you possibly do to save money!?

Owning a Dog… is expensive!

20 Aug 2019
To the Pet community, this one’s for you! If you decided to buy or adopt an animal, it is known and calculated that it costs money. For the first year of owning a dog it was published that it costs over USD 1000. Welcoming a new member to the family is like having a newborn, it costs money, and this is why you have to plan for it.

Lending money is an ART!

20 Aug 2019
Loaning money to a friend or family in need is a nice gesture. There’s a fine line between lending money to a person in need and in consequent be in need because of it.

Time to Start Saving for Your Wedding!

02 Apr 2019
Congratulations! You have found that person you want to live happily ever after with. If you feel like one of the happiest times of your life has been clouded with the stress of planning and financing your wedding, then read on.

Tips on how to save smarter

04 Mar 2019
If you need a down payment for a new car, have to replace your refrigerator, & plan your retirement, you may find it difficult to save for several goals at once.

Hit the slopes …. With the right budget!

17 Jan 2019
While a lot of people hate winter due to the cold weather and heavy rains, for many others it is their favorite time of the year for one reason: ski time! The thrill and excitement of going down the slopes, breathing in the fresh air, enjoying the breathtaking view from the top of the mountain… how can anyone not dream of spending the entire winter season enjoying the snow?

This Christmas time… Be good & do good!

15 Dec 2018
Before all plans for budgeting for Christmas goes loose and down the drain, what can you do not to expand your debt list?! We will give you sure and steady pointers on how to go through the last day of the month with money in your pocket.