05 Oct 2020

How To Engage & Motivate Your Child While Working Online?

Tips to engage and motivate your child while working online: 

The shift to online learning is challenging for all involved including teachers, kids, and parents. If you're worried with online learning, here’s a few tips for how you can engage and motivate your child while studying from home.

- Create a predictable daily rhythm with a routine
While studying from home, have your kids get ready as if they are going to school. Let them wear their clothes and never study in pyjamas.
For fun, let your children take turns ringing a bell every morning to start the day.

- Set up a space that signals learning
Your child needs a workplace that reminds them that this is study time
Keep all your child’s work and supplies in this spot

- Lead by example
Keep your attitude positive and your approach consistent, your energy is your child’s reference. Let your child see his progress, how much they have accomplished and how far they should go.

- Encourage Breaks
School time is built around structured routine, and one of the main components is scheduled breaks. The same should be applied at home too. Schedule free time or play time during the day in addition to lunch and snack breaks. It’s also important to remember that school is not all about academic learning; a significant portion of what kids learn at school are social skills. So there is no harm in letting them chat / video chat with their friends to keep up the ties.

The uncertainty surrounding this back-to-school season isn't easy to deal with but we should remember that kids are amazingly resilient and they like learning new things. All you need to do is watch them fly: Your goal is to support them in making progress in their own goals and aspirations. This year, let the joy of learning be your guide.

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