20 Aug 2019

Freelancers! Here’s how you can save up

When you’re not getting an income on a monthly basis, what could you possibly do to save money!? It is already hard for some people to do it and they are employees at companies, so it is even harder to save if you’re a freelancer.
BoB will give you tips, small ways on how you can save some money even if you have little income.
1/ Direct deposit: if you receive a paycheck every month, you can set aside an amount or better split it in half. One goes to your regular account and the other to a savings account.

2/ An automatic savings plan: whatever happens, whatever bill comes up, whatever little impulse you might want to do, the amount you designated will go to this account. You don’t have to do it manually it will be deducted from your account directly.

Ask about Bank of Beirut savings accounts and other.