05 May 2021

Fresh Funds in a Nutshell

If you’ve heard or overheard about the Fresh Funds and still haven’t got the hang over it, here is what you should know about it: What is it exactly? It is a current account for foreign currency fresh money deposited cash or transferred from abroad. It gives you the flexibility to use your dollars, Euros and GB Pounds freely in Lebanon and abroad. The money in this account is accessible to you anytime. What benefits does it give? Besides from using your foreign currency on the go, the linked debit card can be used online and on local and international POS too.

 You can even withdraw your money in USD from any ATM at any time of the day. What about Transfers? Transfers are ones of the many features that are included under the Fresh Funds current account. You can make international transfers, and interbank transfers. You can make all the above operations through your Mobile at specific conditions (please check www.bankofbeirut.com or call 1262). Cherry on top is the possibility to use the Bank of Beirut Instacash cardless feature whereby you can transfer money in foreign currency to any person in Lebanon even if they are not bank clients and they do not have a card How to open the Fresh Funds current account? Here is the big plus. You can open it directly from the Bank of Beirut mobile App. even if you don’t have a mobile banking account. Just download the app and you are set to go. Once the account opened, you can start benefiting from all the entailed features. Isn’t it easy? And in the event you encountered any issue, further information is available on www.bankofbeirut.com, call 1262 for instant support or use any of our social platform channels and our agents will be more than glad to support you.