01 Dec 2021

Physical Store or Online Business?

In case you have a business and are still hesitant of moving your traditional shop to an online store, think twice of all the financial benefits that you will be missing out on. With the current situation, reducing physical locations costs, rental fees and salaries for staff employed on location has its benefits. Although going online has its own cost but is definitely cheaper than that of running a physical store.
Bank of Beirut is providing merchants and enterprises and businesses with various business solutions including “Simplify”, an efficient payment gateway enabling merchants to sell products and collect payments online. Brought by MasterCard, the platform supports the online work of small merchants, emerging producers and home-based businesses, allowing them to move their business entirely to the Web realm. Merchants are now able to issue electronic invoices, collect funds, accept credit card payments, sell recurring services, and much more all through this platform. Best of all is that no prior technical knowledge is needed. Be the next e-retailer and submit your application to Bank of Beirut.