29 Dec 2021

Withdraw Cash at the Ping of a Message


As most people don’t carry around large sums of cash anymore, they withdraw money using their credit or debit cards during emergencies. However, complications arise when they do not have these cards on them. Seeking to secure an all-time smooth banking experience to its clients, Bank of Beirut has developed the “Instacash” service.
Just as its name indicates, this service you instant cash at any Bank of Beirut’s ATM, with the simple usage of a mobile phone, even when you can’t access your bank cards.
Initiate the Instacash transaction via online or mobile banking and transfer the needed amount to yourself or anyone else. Afterwards, you can head over to the nearest ATM and enter your phone number, the security code you received via SMS– if you are transferring the money to yourself - and the one obtained as the sender.
While Instacash requirements may be few, its benefits are far too many. It quickly processes cash transfers, without the involvement of a third party. Furthermore, it guarantees maximum security, through the withdrawal and transaction codes sent respectively to the client’s and beneficiary’s mobile phones.
Finally, and most importantly, it is a cardless service that comes in handy during financial emergencies. Whenever you are short on cash, forget your wallet at home, or even don’t have yet your own banking cards, Bank of Beirut will be there for you in the blink of an eye… or at the ping of a phone message, in this case!