20 Aug 2019

Owning a Dog… is expensive!

These are the finances you’ll need to own man’s best friend!
When welcoming a new member in the family, you want to ensure to offer them the best home possible in return for their unconditional love.
To make sure you are fully prepared, here are some tips from BoB to help you in your responsibilities.
How to manage regular pet expenses
Keep in mind that some pets can require special diets due to health issues. Remember, that you wouldn’t want to eat only junk food, and Fluffy shouldn’t have to either.
It is necessary to keep your pet healthy, vaccinations are a must and they are costly! Ask your veterinarian, however, if there are shots or vaccines your pet does not need. For instance, if your pet rarely interacts with other animals and doesn’t often venture outside, there may be some you can avoid.
On average, a good quality toy costs $12, especially if you’ve got an aggressive chewer. You may want a mix of good quality toys that last longer paired with a few less expensive toys thrown in for variety.
We can imagine that you might want to spend every minute of every day with your pet, but this is not realistic. So you might want to send it to daycare if they are the kind of pets that are high-spirited and need interaction during the day.
It may be forgivable when adorable puppies pee on the floor, but it won’t be when your dog gets bigger! Pets require good training. And some may need extra training, especially if they have behavioral issues. The lowest you might find is a 50$/ day.
Tips to save up on expenses
Find discounted medical care
Some nonprofit organizations may provide low-cost vaccinations and spaying/neutering programs.
Pet expenses grow when your pet is ill. Pet insurance is one way to minimize the cost of visiting a veterinarian.
With good financial planning, you can get your dream pet without surprising expenses. Pets give us so much, so be ready to give back lots of love and affection to keep yours happy and healthy.