18 Aug 2019

5 THINGS to know when buying a Home

1. Add the tiny details to the list!
Every detail matters. Whether it is a shower that didn’t have a door or a kitchen faucet that didn’t have hot water, or the fact that the back steps were slippery, or if there were no screens in the bedroom windows. This all adds up! And you end up adding expenses to the house mortgage, that is if you moved in to an empty house of course and you still have to get the kitchen supplies and the TV’s and many other pieces of furniture.
It added up to a lot of money and time that you don’t expect.
So when touring for a house, you have to think of the tiny details to the big ones.

2. Shop around for mortgage before getting pre-approved 
When you jump into the home search process, you usually focus on finding the right home over finding the right mortgage.
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3. We care about your money as much as you do
Be careful of all information details that goes along your purchase. Make sure that at Bank of Beirut, we value our customer and are every detail is tailored to your need.

4. Negotiating isn’t scary!
Inspection is key! You don’t want to end up with bad surprises. Additional costs would be difficult or you might not afford it. So after the very precise inspection, you can really negotiate the sales price because nothing was final yet.
Don’t be terrified of negotiation, or you will pay the price when you get problems inside the house that you did not expect.

5. The Neighbors really do know it all.
When wanting to purchase a house, think of the neighborhood. Even if you feel mortified at interviewing the neighbors, it is a great way ti know things the realtor won’t tell you.
Would any of the information u learn change you decision? Probably not. But it would’ve helped you navigate some tense neighborhood situations more easily.
Take the time to talk to everyone you can, because the neighbors really do know it all.