18 Mar 2019

Introducing "سوا منعمل فرق" .


Bank of Beirut held a conference at the Bernard Fattal auditorium to introduce its recycling campaign "سوا منعمل فرق" .

The recycling campaign has a double message. One is humanitarian and the other is environmental.

In collaboration with “Association de l’Ecoute”, an NGO that works for the disabled persons and sick people, Bank of Beirut’s aim is to help these people by giving them a chance to work.
The more we contribute in this initiative, the more we will be fulfilling the hope.

On the other hand, Bank of Beirut is completing the recycling project with a wider scope. 1500 employee can make a change, we will be sorting waste because we know that recycling at the office is important.

Hilda Melki, the Head of the Digital Media Department, introduced the initiative, explaining why and how this project is being a priority.

Pere Jean – Marie Chami, the president of the association, gave a speech introducing the association and showcasing the process of UPCycling.

The team distributed food goodies and explained to the colleagues the process of sorting. Our recycling ambassadors gave a workshop on how we should sort in our day to day life at the workplace through a Video.