24 Jul 2019

An environmental day in the Heart of Beirut

Bank of Beirut organized an environmental day in the heart of Beirut, facing its Foch Head Office. The Green Summit included several live discussions tackling the different environmental issues that Lebanon is facing, and the effort put by all the involved stakeholders in making a better Lebanon.
During the event, Dr. Salim Sfeir, Chairman – CEO of Bank of Beirut presented 4 vehicles to Association de l’Ecoute, with the purpose of expanding the scope and reach of its operations, especially in terms of collecting recyclable materials from its partners. With this donation, l’Ecoute is now able to cover additional areas across the Lebanese territory.
Dr. Sfeir: “Our goal is to help our nation, our people, and the environment where we live in. We joined hands with Association de l’Ecoute as we share the same vision and wish to reduce pollution while simultaneously creating job opportunities.”
Through its environmental and humanitarian initiative, Bank of Beirut aims to inspire all Lebanese residents to take an active part in this change, and to start taking action and responsibility towards the society and environment they live in.
The live discussions revolved around the importance of the proper sorting and recycling of the materials, as well as educating the current and future generations through developing special environmental programs inside our schools. Several other topics were discussed related to marine and air pollution, which are currently the main issues at hand.
At the end of this fruitful day, where hundreds of passersby visited, participated and listened to the discussions, Bank of Beirut thanked Solidere, the UNDP, exhibitors, partners, the surrounding stores, Bank of Beirut and all surrounding bank employees and attendees, with a special thanks to Association de l’Ecoute for their efforts and for making this event a success.
Bank of Beirut has once again proven that it is possible for institutions to combine both professional and humanitarian qualities to achieve milestones. Bank of Beirut looks forward to continuing onward with its social and environmental initiatives, and the betterment of the Lebanese citizens’ health and lives overall.