23 Jan 2019

What kind of spender are you?

Some folks will have you believe that spending money is unhealthy Money makes the world go round and if you’re spending too much or too little of it then you are hampering that healthy flow

So what kind of spender are YOU?

Shopaholic: do you shop regardless of need or utility? Do you shop merely to reverse a bad mood? Impulse shoppers buy to feel good about themselves, they might justify a purchase by claiming it was on sale or still within their credit limit.

Short- sighted consumer: Do you make long brash purchases? Do you fail to think how to cover the expense before buying the item? Short- sighted consumer often have little or no savings. Shy away from bank representatives and overestimate future earnings based on credit limits.

Status seeker: are you constantly comparing your material goods to those of your peers? Status seekers are fanatic about owning the latest of whatever is out there and they will make sure everyone in their entourage knows about it too. They’re happy to go into debt to enjoy a high standard of living, maxing out on their credit cards and paying exorbitant interest rates.

Smart shopper: These level –headed folks are disciples of need – based shopping. They scan the market intelligently comparing value and price even on small transactions. They have a cushion on unforeseen expenses and they never default on their credit cards.

So what kind of spender are you?