E-Commerce: A solution for Lebanese Merchants

19 Apr 2024

Bank of Beirut PayCards: Wage Payment & Collection through an Extensive Network

19 Apr 2024

Pay Your Staff Electronically with the Business Pay Cards

19 Apr 2024

Banking Solutions for NGOs

19 Apr 2024

Multiple Business Accounts With Single Sign On

19 Apr 2024

Banking Solutions for Non-Profits

19 Dec 2023

لا حساب مصرفي؟ لا مشكلة!

19 Dec 2023

The Alternative Bank to your Business

14 Dec 2023

أنعش مبيعاتك خلال الأعياد

18 Dec 2023

طريقة ذكية لتقبض راتبك

08 Dec 2023

تحويل واستلام أموال نقدية بالليرة أو بالدولار من دون بطاقة

19 Jan 2022

No Bank Account. No Problem

01 Dec 2023

“Simplify” Your Business to Boost Your Sales

12 Jan 2022

Withdraw Cash at the Ping of a Message

29 Dec 2021

كل هذه العمليات المصرفية يمكنك تنفيذها من دون زيارة المصرف

29 Dec 2021

Physical Store or Online Business?

01 Dec 2021
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Fresh Funds in a Nutshell

05 May 2021

Easiest Way To Conduct Your Banking Operations

11 Nov 2020
أسهل الطرق للقيام بالعمليات المصرفية

Turn your passion into Business!

16 Aug 2020

Next Time You Use Batteries: Remember This!

25 Jul 2020
There are different kinds of batteries, and they’re made using a variety of materials. What makes batteries dangerous to the environment are the chemicals used to make them.

BoB Recycles - Green Eco Tips for Sustainable Living

25 Jul 2020
With eco-friendly becoming more and more important, the term is beginning to be used in everything from job advertisements to vacation homes. However, what is eco-friendly?

Stimulate your child’s motivation for pocket money

02 Jan 2020
Motivate your child to save his pocket money for the things he wants. They need to know money doesn’t grow on trees!

Hacking prevention mode on

09 Dec 2019
Some instructions on how to keep your computer from being infected before it’s too late!

Save smarter!

05 Nov 2019
If you need a down payment for a new car, have to replace your refrigerator, & plan your retirement, you may find it difficult to save for several goals at once. How to make it work?

Back to Nature !

16 Oct 2019
Our kids are living in closed doors, do you relate?

6 Tips to be Happier at Work

08 Oct 2019
Your workplace becomes your second home. It takes the most of your day continuously! Every person tries to make the best of the day. For that we are giving you 6 tips to be Happier at work!

Travel with confidence

11 Sep 2019
Vacations are supposed to give you a much-needed break so that you can de-stress and relax. If you’re traveling, however, it can be stressful to prepare and organize yourself properly, especially when it comes to money. You might not be sure how safe the town you’re traveling to is, or you might have heard endless stories about the notorious pickpockets. Either way, read on to find out how to better handle and protect your money when going abroad.

Don't go Broke!

11 Sep 2019
Payments and expenses can pile up & creep up on us when we least expect it. Figure out where you can spend less and put it aside as soon as the money comes in so that you aren’t tempted to spend it. Read more

Back to school period: reduce your expenses!

06 Sep 2019
September is here and so is back to school! This year is different from all the others and the reason why is that Bank of Beirut will walk you through all the expenses from the start! Here’s how to reduce your expenses.

No Excuses for not saving

04 Sep 2019
Whether you are saving up for something special like a new car or a house, or whether you are putting money aside for emergencies, implement some useful tips to speed up the process. Read more

Can you get through the day with only 4 dollars?

28 Aug 2019
An awareness campaign launched with the UNDP to raise awareness around extreme poverty and how people live in minimal circumstances.

Can you imagine getting advice by a millionaire?

22 Aug 2019
How do you think millionaires live their life? Believe it or not, we will reveal to you their secret budgeting habits.

What are the different types of checks?

21 Aug 2019

Freelancers! Here’s how you can save up

20 Aug 2019
When you’re not getting an income on a monthly basis, what could you possibly do to save money!?

Your Dream honeymoon!

20 Aug 2019
Booking a honeymoon is one of the most exciting parts of the wedding planning process. It is not in the books that you have to travel right after the wedding, a honeymoon can be planned a month or two later especially after a costly wedding. Booking early and checking travel sites often can land you a great deal, but here are other lesser known money-saving tips you must try to score your ideal vacation for less.

Lending money is an ART!

20 Aug 2019
Loaning money to a friend or family in need is a nice gesture. There’s a fine line between lending money to a person in need and in consequent be in need because of it.

Owning a Dog… is expensive!

20 Aug 2019
To the Pet community, this one’s for you! If you decided to buy or adopt an animal, it is known and calculated that it costs money. For the first year of owning a dog it was published that it costs over USD 1000. Welcoming a new member to the family is like having a newborn, it costs money, and this is why you have to plan for it.

How much to spend on an engagement ring?

20 Aug 2019
You want to impress your future wife? You want to see her reaction when you pop up the question? We get it!

5 THINGS to know when buying a Home

18 Aug 2019
When you decide to buy a new home, it is surely not an easy pick! Once you find the house, how do you make sure that you thought of ALL the details that come with purchasing a home!? As it turns out, there are a lot you didn’t think through! Here are the top lessons you need to know during the process.

Live in Lebanon without getting into Debt

11 Jun 2019
Life in Lebanon is expensive especially since the monthly income of most Lebanese is limited. But living in Lebanon can be less of a concern for you if you follow our tips and instructions and set a budget to control your expenses and not the other way around.

How to budget your vacation

13 May 2019
When it comes to setting your vacation budget, watch the video and check our #BoBTips to ensure that your vacation is not only unforgettable, but also affordable.

Time to Start Saving for Your Wedding!

02 Apr 2019
Congratulations! You have found that person you want to live happily ever after with. If you feel like one of the happiest times of your life has been clouded with the stress of planning and financing your wedding, then read on.

Introducing "سوا منعمل فرق" .

18 Mar 2019

Will Robots Take the Lead in Banking?

08 Mar 2019
Technological breakthroughs have shifted the frontier between the work tasks performed by humans and those performed by machines and algorithms making the workforce undergo major transformations to cope with the emergence of the new technological and digital era.

How much time does it take for a bag to decompose?

04 Mar 2019
How many years does it take for a plastic bag to decompose?

Tips on how to save smarter

04 Mar 2019
If you need a down payment for a new car, have to replace your refrigerator, & plan your retirement, you may find it difficult to save for several goals at once.

6 Tips to be Happier at Work

04 Mar 2019
6 tips to be happier at work: 1- Keep your workspace tidy.

Kids Vs. Money

08 Feb 2019
Christmas and birthdays are the perfect occasions for buying your child the toys he wants, but what about the rest of the year? It’s almost impossible to limit gift giving to only Christmas and birthdays. No doubt your child will soon be demanding the next toy that all his friends have, and he will expect instant gratification.

What kind of spender are you?

23 Jan 2019
Some folks will have you believe that spending money is unhealthy Money makes the world go round and if you’re spending too much or too little of it then you are hampering that healthy flow

Hit the slopes …. With the right budget!

17 Jan 2019
While a lot of people hate winter due to the cold weather and heavy rains, for many others it is their favorite time of the year for one reason: ski time! The thrill and excitement of going down the slopes, breathing in the fresh air, enjoying the breathtaking view from the top of the mountain… how can anyone not dream of spending the entire winter season enjoying the snow?

Avoid a Financial Disaster during Christmas

24 Dec 2018
Christmas is right around the corner and it won’t be long before the streets will be decorated with Christmas lights, Christmas trees will start popping up by apartment windows, and nostalgic Christmas songs will constantly be playing on the radio.

This Christmas time… Be good & do good!

15 Dec 2018
Before all plans for budgeting for Christmas goes loose and down the drain, what can you do not to expand your debt list?! We will give you sure and steady pointers on how to go through the last day of the month with money in your pocket.

kids v/s money: how will they learn?

10 Dec 2018
Does your kids know why they should save money?

How to safely shop online

09 Nov 2018
Online shopping has become an essential part of our lives. It not only saves your time, but also provides us an easier and more convenient option to shop. Who doesn’t like to shop online? You can do it in the comfort of your home without brushing your hair, and you get great deals, discounts, bargains and so many options to choose from!